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e-Chart Directory  use an SQL database or LDAP that can be powered by the input module and / or its import utilities.

Import / export utilities

Database can be initially or periodically generated from two text files or csv format simple. for example, to structures, you specify the code structure, code parent and its attributes. The database and thus be regenerated from your Human Resources or repository for Identity Management.

Refresh data

Some data may be periodically refresh from text files, using a common identifier. You can, for example, input datas and/or import the database from your human resources repository and apply  phone numbers from dirrectory repository.

Collecting data entry and import from your repositoryel

e-Chart Directory utilities may periodicaly import the data from your repository while retaining the attributes entered. Thus, it will be possible to import data from your repository of human resources while capturing data communications with e-Chart Directory.

Interface with other repositories

e-Chart Directory interfaces with the most part of schemes LDAP database, notemment Active Directory and Identity Management repositories, for all its features, especially consulting, data entry, import and extraction. Thus, e-Chart Directory will display charts from your active base directory, or may extract informations to power the repository directory organization.

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