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User Comfort

With a simple, friendly, multilingual application, e-Chart Directory provides access to real-time information on organisation and multiples directories simultaneously. The e-Chart Directory is intuitive, easy to use by all employees.

e-Chart Directory is also a real tool for organizational management through its multiple possibilities of management: staff (principals, assistants, staff, vacancies, or temporary employees on leave, projects and project resources).

e-Chart Directory also allows you to print or extract files (.pfd, .jpg)  to print or modify the organization of your companie.


Optimized provisionning

Data capture is enhanced by numerous support functions, allowing e-Chart Directoru to provide in many cases the default values​​. Input function of mass are also available.

 e-Chart can integrate multiple sources of data that avoids the double-up entries.

Easy Installation, configuration and maintenance

Implementation of the solution e-Chart Directory requires few resources. e-Chart can be installed on a shared server.

The configuration module is easy to use. In addition, setting can be realized and achieved by estWest by simple transfering of files directory setup by email

Directory organizationnal chart benefit

Collaboration within the organization is one of the concerns of society. e-Chart Directory provides a collaborative work environment, while simplifying administrative procedures and information flows internally.

e-Chart Directory provides a general picture, in real time, on the structure of your organization, allowing a better team cohesion and a significant improvement in productivity.

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