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  Display Organizational Chart

Organizational Charts: display and printings

Navigate through the dynamically generated HTML organizational charts. The models are defined by the user: choosing the information displayed in the boxes (even the staff computed by a specific tool), style of the boxes, population (all employees, managers, without the contractors...). The hierarchy from the root is clearly presented in every moment. By clicking on a person, his/her personal card opens. A person can be affected to several positions in the organizational chart. Also: the display can be done on 3 to 5 levels (or more)- in several styles: horizontal, vertical, condensed horizontal...- expand a branch...- vacant positions or those occupied by several persons - persons with no affectation - functional and hierarchical organizational charts (projects, activities...).

The graphical organizational charts can be printed on HTML or PDF or PPT formats, including an automatic optimization for printings on one or several pages, in portrait/landscape, A3/A4 formats, as well zoom functions. The user can personalize the header and footer of the page.

By using the multi-criteria search, users can easily find employees within their structures and directly access the corresponding organizational chart. Enter or select multiple criteria in a list.
The search may be limited by any variable such as a department, a company or a site. Search results may be printed or exported into a csv file (MS Excel compatible).

The user has the possibility to input other tabs (fax, reunion halls, help-desks)


email list

The users can create their own email address lists starting from the search results or from the OrgChart. These lists can be saved.

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